EDM Injection Molding

Prototype Plus offers EDM technology to give your plastic prototype desired plastic injection molding features. A plastic prototype should be made to your design requirements and not limited by machining process restrictions. 


Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a machining process used to create intricate and complex shapes in the Prototype Plus plastic injection mold construction process.   

EDM works by using electricity rather than cutting. The electric spark actually vaporizes the tool steel. The sparks, produced by a spark generator at regular intervals, create a succession of craters in the mold.

Prototype Plus uses two different EDM processes: Sinker EDM and Wire EDM. Sinker EDM is used more frequently for plastic injection mold tooling. A copper electrode pushes its way into the mold cavity with the process of vaporization.


In the wire EDM process, the required shape is generated by using a wire electrode. Simply, the wire is passed through the part much like a cheese cutter through cheese. The wire is copper and fed on reels. This gives the mold being machined a fresh electrode at all times.

CAD Plastic Prototype

Using Solidworks and CAMWorks software for programming provides Prototype Plus the ability to turn your complex geometry into a plastic prototype.  Using your 3D CAD file and EDM technology, Prototype Plus will create a prototype injection mold to your design specifications.


Mold Maker with Prototype Injection Mold Experience

Prototype Plus was developed by J&L Plastic Molding.  J&L has 30 years of prototype tooling and custom injection molding experience and specializes in prototype injection mold.  Few plastic injection molders have the experience and commitment to create a plastic prototype as J&L Plastic Molding.  


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